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Friday, 1-Jan-2010 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Think About It Thursday

This is a game Fotopage. We leave a clue foto, and you try to guess what the thing is.

That's why we call it Think About It Thursday -- you come by on Thursday and think about the puzzler. Go ahead and play and we'll catch up with you again next Thursday!

Besides, just by taking a stab at the answer, you will receive a lovely free Trackback to your own Fotopage. Don't forget that famous old lottery adage: You can't win if you don't play! Scroll down to begin....

Tuesday, 3-Jul-2007 21:02 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Think About It Thursday #67

Like, wow. It's time for another awesome edition of T'BIT (Think 'Bout It Thursday). So here's your puzzler shown as the foto exhibit labeled "Huh?" Think about what it is and leave your answer as a comment. See you again in at least a week!

Wednesday, 6-Jun-2007 20:13 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Think About It Thursday #66 -- THE SOLUTION IS HERE!

NOW you can see it!
Uh-oh! No ding-ding-ding this week. At least, not exactly. But I'm in a giving mood, and I'm going to be handing out a grand prize to the closest guesser. Ready for the breakdown? Read on!
Richard's onto this electrical thing, telling us that these are water meter or electricity meter dials; something along the electric lines, so to speak. And while these aren't dials, they are definitely of an electrical nature. (By the way, the microwave over transmogrifier came from a ka-put kitchen appliance. It was still oozing atom-smashing energy as I moved it around and fotographed it. I felt all warm inside, and then I went sterile.)
Juli, formerly known as Hollywood Jules (maybe), harkened back to her youth, when she tried to break into the movie biz, running errands, being a scene slate slapper, and, (rumor has it,) occasionally "fluffing." How many numerals are on a scene slate? I have never considered that before. Hmmm! (So then I Googled it, and see only analog scene slates in the results. The question remains unanswered!)
Juli, for her second round, guessed this was a house number sign. Is it uber-geek, or ultra-cool? I think it's a swell idea, but it'd have to be a lot larger.
Wednesday Bratz: I ask the questions, you guess the answers. But, yes, I noticed that. I kinda wish it would encourage more participation. And I also wish that I would be a regular updater. DOH!
The Bratz, for their second round, gave an appropriately tech answer. Made me think of those other cool '80s Cold-War era movies, like Red Dawn. I had forgotten the WOPR acronym, but you're a whiz with this stuff.
Rajiv stopped by and offered that this is a bar sign. I assume that means like a neon sign over a bar, with one of the letters always blinking and flickering, like it's supposed to if it's a cool old bar.
Wade, deer slayer, good to see you're okay, buddy! LEDs and old appliances are so yesterday. But not as yesterday as this thing. Nice guess. That magnatron came from the space shuttle or something....
Jennifer S. was here with an answer that was sorta kinda not quite almost definitive. But she's correct that the numbers change, but they aren't neon and it's not a sign. And then, of course, she correctly pointed out that I'm way tardy again.
JP and Beavis seem to have the same IP address this week. What are the chances of THAT happening? As the official Thursday Admin, I will seek a court-ordered cease and desist order against Beavis if he continues to impersonate actual contestants.
Richard, on his second visit, actually guessed it exactly correctly! Wow!

Uh, not really. Sorry, dude. But I liked how didn't have a clue and used that as a basis for your guess anyway.
The answer is that this is part of an old (old!) piece of test equipment. It is the display from a Hewlett-Packard counter, and the old vacuum tube displays are called "Nixie tubes."
I'm awarding the grand prize this week to Richard, who used the words "electrical" (it is) and "meter" (like maybe it's a count-o-meter) and who was first in with any guess at all. Cheers, mate!

Another techie-type of clue for this week's techie puzzler. I'm gonna give a two-part prize this week. Guess what is the entire contraption from which this puzzler has been taken - that's one half. Guess what these things are called specifically - that's the second half. Be the first to correctly answer both parts, and take home the official Grand Prize!

As usual, take a very thoughtful look at this "Huh?" clue and tell us in the comments section below what you think it is. Good luck, chums!

Saturday, 12-May-2007 13:23 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Think About It Thursday #65 -- THE SOLUTION IS HERE!

NOW you can see it!

Mad props to Thursday Admin again this week for choosing such a great puzzler. This one came in completely under the radar and totally nuked the crap out of the collective brains of all the contestants. Even the Six Brazillian Dollar Man got a dose of dirty bomb right up the old waste chute!
Rajiv dropped by and thought this thing might have come unplugged from something else, like this is the male half of a union or coupling (perhaps the first of a handful of sexual references this puzzler elicited). But that ain't it, bro'!
J u l i a (that's hard to type with the spaces in there) guessed that this is the plug connection thingy from the backside of a stove or dishwasher. I can tell you that you're in the right room of the house, and that you may be the closest guesser this week. Read on....
Juli (with the correct spacing of the letters in her name) came right out with a term for this part that made me blush. I'm a big fan of pink nipple fittings, but it hadn't crossed my mind in the least to give it a name like that! And what would you call the gold halo area behind it, the areola? Geez!
"...somewhere at the oven." is how mknace put it, and I gotta give some credit for using a correct word here. It isn't clear exactly which oven you mean, but, yeah, that's worth a li'l somp'in-somp'in.
Wednesday, how'd your rock-paper-scissors thing turn out? Or are you still playing? You didn't really come back and tell us what you decided.
And then Juli stopped by again, amending her first answer of "nipple" by saying that maybe instead it's a nipple! I like the way you think, Jules. It's clear we have a lot in common. (wink-wink)
Wade, good guess there, buddy! The wire feed hole of a welder is obscure enough for me. Too bad I can't give you any prizes. But check out the next puzzler!
Hey, Mark, once a contestant, always a contestant. We're just glad to have you play. And on behalf of Juli and me, I'd like to thank you for using the word nipple once again. I'm starting to think it looks exactly like a nipple. Maybe a cyborg nip...?
Richard's seeing the water supply fitting for a shower, where the control knob attaches. Another stellar attempt, but sadly mis-guessed.
Lewesrat, speaking of "electrical thingies," Steve Austin stopped by to see you. He wants to know what's cookin', good lookin'.
High-pressure air hose fitting is what Jennifer guessed this week. And just where have you been, young lady? We were starting to wonder if you'd gone AWOL forever.
And, first timer Col. Steve Austin will not be receiving a link under the heading of "Contestants," but we have to admire a bionic man whose motto appears to be, "It may be short, but it sure is thin!"

The answer to this week's TAIT is: microwave oven magnetron and the nipple-looking thing is the waveguide emitter from which mysterious energy is directed into your food. Say, is that a melted candy bar in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?

Finally, as promised, we have some new Trackbacks to enter this week ~ say hello to first-time contestants J u l i a and mknace. Welcome! Come back and see us again.
--Thursday Admin

There's no way, NO WAY!, that any of you are going to get this one. And here at Think About It Thursday, the administrator is really hoping that Maryam isn't both correct and first with her guess, because not only was personal delivery of the prize promised, but we'd actually have to come up with a prize. How does one personally deliver recognition? That's all we give now: a trackback and recognition. So, to all the rest of you: guess early and guess often!

Saturday, 28-Apr-2007 01:33 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Think About It Thursday #64 -- THE SOLUTION IS HERE!

NOW you can see it!
WE HAVE A WINNAH! We have a lot of winners this week, as, as Mark has pointed out elsewhere, some of these puzzlers are just too easy. Heck, he was getting mad when they were too tough, and he's getting pissed that they're too easy. Well, we have one coming up that will be extremely clear and extra difficult...!
But back to this week's winner, Richard, who gave himself multiple dings with all due confidence. Yes, sir, this is indeed one of Thursday Admin's trusty old blenders, the base and carafe, to be precise. There's also a brand new Cuisinart high-end food processor/blender around here, and it's already had to be replaced due to a burned-up motor. These old ones never quit ~ and they're nearly free at garage sales! The "Made In The USA is a clue" part of the puzzler was meant to indicate that this thing is old. Consumer goods aren't made in the USA anymore.
Damn, Wenz! Google or not, you certainly deserve this week's prize, though you're not going to receive it. (First guessers win, not most-complete-answer guessers.) Curious to see what would happen, I googled "u.s. patent number 2530455" and got just about nowhere. I would'a had to go your way to get such an awesome answer.
You need a man who can cook, Lewesrat? Then I'm your man! Oh, yeah, I'll flambe your hot pocket and braise a mean batch of twinkies. Only one problem: I'm already somebody else's man. I have some extra blenders; should I send one to you?
G'day, Mark! What's with this non-guess? I have half a mind to move you down to the ALMOST Contestants column till you improve your attitude, young man. Actually, I only have half a mind, and I'm going to do anything of the sort.
And it looks like going with Mark, who is going with The Bratz, is what Maryam is doing this week. Really, this was way too easy. Check out the next puzzler, Maryam. If you are the first correct guesser, I will personally hand-deliver your prize, as I will be completely amazed at your brilliance. Dang, I'd have to take vacation time for that, so I hope you don't get it right....

Greetings from the land where Thursday can now be any day at all!

We have a new one for you. You might notice that the puzzler this week is embossed with some words. Some of the words say "Made In U.S.A." and that is a clue of sorts. Good luck to you and we'll see ya soon!

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